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Recognising rights of Mother Earth, Entrenching Earth Jurisprudence in Uganda

      Earth Jurisprudence advocates for legal recognition and respect of all species and components of the Earth, integral for maintaining conditions for life as we know it. Accruing Ecological Crises and Challenges The global ecosystem has entered into a negative feedback loop, meaning our Earth systems are unravelling - climate change, devastating air and water pollution, vastly accelerated species extinction, and the dramatic loss of food and water systems which are necessary for sustaining all life on the planet. 

     The defilement of Mother Earth by humans has caused untold damage to the environment, and is especially accelerated by commercial interests driven solely to increase profits by extracting as much as possible from Nature. Short-term human interests, fuelled by an insatiable drive to accumulate money and power, have been enshrined in various laws with total disregard for the well-being of the living Earth Community. For example, most laws permit and legitimise extraction from Nature upon the simple requirement of conducting an environmental impact study and/or assessments.