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Advocates for Natural Resources and Development are committed to the protection and conservation of natural resources in Uganda.

  Natural resources are at particular risk from land development leading to habitat destruction, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, pollution, competition from non-native species and the effects of climate change. 

  Public benefits include enhanced natural resources that help sustain agricultural productivity and environmental quality while supporting continued economic development, recreation, and scenic beauty.

   However, many treasured natural and otherwise poorly conserved ecosystems fall on land that is either government or privately owned where they are unsustainably utilized for both public use and private use. In addition, natural resource use and exploitation has a big bearing on Uganda‚Äôs social economic development. 

   Uganda is endowed with a wide range of biodiversity which includes all the different plants (from lichen and mosses to shrubs and trees), animals (invertebrates, frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals) and micro-organisms such as bacteria.

  In order to harness benefits from natural resources for the current and future generations, oil and gas activities, mining, fishing and forestry must be done whilst taking into account the need to protect the environment. 

  Our conservation efforts: Hence biodiversity is vital in supporting human life on Earth and its many benefits associated it provides including; food, medicines, industrial products, supply clean air and water, and fertile soils. 

   As ANARDE we undertake a wide range of initiatives to encourage broad involvement in environment conservation: Commitment We commit on sensitising people to appreciate nature, promote environmental protection and conservation and the understanding of environmental law and policies. Promote nature conservation and natural resource management legislation that protect the environment.

  We promote public participation in the sustainable use, management and protection of the environment and other natural resources.

  Partnerships; We work in partnerships with other civil society organisations to support non-statutory community initiatives which promote environmental conservation.

  We provide information about natural resources and their management in all our operational areas. We work with local communities, government institutions like the Judiciary, security agencies, Local Governments, individuals, civil society and private sector. 

  This is done through our numerous activities to encourage public participation in the sustainable management, protection of the environment and good governance of natural resources in Uganda.

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