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The scarcity of affordable legal services to the indigent and marginalised people in Uganda has been a very big problem to victims of natural resource abuses in courts of law the common cases relate to compensation upon compulsory land acquisition, environmental destruction and violation of human rights.

The rights include; participation, the right to own property, access to justice, right to access information, right to a clean and healthy environment etc. Akin to this is our strategic litigation which targets to reform laws and policies and the adjudication of issues of public importance. Every day people are told that they can no longer live on the land that their family has lived on for generations. If they refuse to leave, they can get arrested, physically injured, and forcibly relocated.


For many communities in Uganda, this is an all too common problem. 

By simply living on resource-rich land that is desirable to corporations, they are at risk of becoming victims to land grabbing and forced eviction without free, prior, and informed consent Solution. 

We use legal cases, policy reform, training, and legal advocacy tools to protect individuals, communities, and organizations who step forward to defend human rights and the environment. 

We encourage the general public especially to visit our office for free legal advice relating to natural resource use rights and obligations. Various training programmes and sessions are usually held to sensitise people on human rights and remedies.

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