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We are a nonprofit group of researchers activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, environmental governance, corporate and government accountability. Our small team of activists work tirelessly and relentlessly in Uganda to extend legal services to the very poor and to preserve our natural resources.We also network with a fantastic broad network of part-time and volunteer members on the ground whose dedication to our cause is crucial to our operations.

Our Mission

ANARDE is committed to improving good governance of natural resources through research, sensitisation, dialogue and advocacy.

Our Vision

A Uganda where natural resources are accessible to all and are utilised for the present and future generations.

Our Determination

We organize advocacy campaigns to expose natural resource abuse cases and sensitise people on the value of good governance of natural resources.

Our Programmes

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Legal Aid

The scarcity of affordable legal services to the indigent and marginalized people in Uganda has been a very big problem to victims of natural resource abuses in courts of law. The common cases relate to compensation upon compulsory land acquisition, environmental destruction and violation of human rights.
We use legal cases, policy reform, training, and legal advocacy tools to protect individuals, communities, and organizations who step forward to defend human rights and the environment.

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Extractive Industry Governance

Extraction of natural resources, such as oil, gas, and minerals, can be a worthwhile business. For people living in resource rich areas, it can be deadly. People who live in areas where extractive industries operate often face poverty and human rights abuses. The industries exacerbate human rights abuses in many places by making lands uninhabitable and by polluting the environment.
In this programme we engage all stakeholders to ensure that the extractive revenues create an intergenerational benefit to all Ugandans. Government accountability and corporate accountability are therefore core aspects of the program

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Nature Conservation and Management

Natural resources are at particular risk from land development leading to habitat destruction, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, pollution, competition from non-native species and the effects of climate change. In addition, natural resource use and exploitation has a big bearing on Uganda’s social economic development.
We commit on sensitizing people to appreciate nature, promote environmental protection and conservation and the understanding of environmental law and policies and promote nature conservation and natural resource management legislations that protect the environment